Another Death in the Cricket ground; Cricket Australia amends the Scorecard

After Phillip Hughes, another death was reported in the cricket ground. This time, it was the Indian born Israeli umpire Hillel Awasker who died after getting struck by the ball. He was umpiring in a match for a regional league. The 55 year old umpire fell unconscious after the batsmen hit the ball hard and it struck the stumps and then his neck. It was later reported that he had a heart attack soon after the incident. Four years ago, another umpire 72 years old, got struck by the ball during Swansea league. His name was Alquin Jenkins.
Phillip Hughes, who recently died after being hit by a cricket ball bouncer from Sean Abbott, still lives on in the hearts of the Australians. As a symbol of love and respect from the Australians, Cricket Australia has decided to amend the scoreboard from ‘Hughes 63 retired hurt to Hughes 63* not out’. Surely, this shows how precious this young genius was to the people. He was struck by the ball during first day of the South Australia’s match against New South Wales at the SCG. He was to join the Australian camp for series against India, replacing Michael Clarke.

Just after he got struck, he was rushed to the hospital for further treatment. He was in coma for almost 2 days. Many fellow teammates were present at the hospital to give courage to his family members. Michael Clarke was unable to hide his grief as he often burst into tears while reading the statement of condolence. An outpouring of gieviances has since followed across the sporting world, with thousands of professionals and supporters alike, paying tribute to the former Hampshire, Middlesex and Worcestershire player.

“It might seem like a little thing, but it’s an important distinction, Phillip will forever remain 63 not out.” said Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland. In almost every cricket camps, bats were arranged as a symbol of respect to Hughes. The match was abandoned amid the distressing scenes and, given he was not replaced at the crease; the official scorecard has now been altered. The number 64 shirt, previously worn by the 25-year-old, has already been retired following his death. The funeral will take place on Wednesday in his family’s home town- Macksville in northern New South Wales.
In the past few days, as Australia mourns, there have been calls for a re-think of the rules concerning the art of bowling. Action is unlikely to be taken, however, to prevent bouncers, according to David Richardson, the chief executive of the International Cricket Council. According to him, it’s all about trying and keeping the perspective. He also admitted that it’s a bit early to determine, but his initial reaction is that it’s unlikely. He also said that people have died by being struck on the heart before and cricket board does not need to overreact, but do what they can.
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