An open letter to the government, JNU roars: Allegations backfired

Dear Government /RSS/ABVP etc.,
Hello, how are you ? I hope, oh sorry I know that you are doing fine,after all you are in power but with power comes great responsibility which you managing very well. I really love the schemes you are introducing for our country especially for the Youth of our country. Hats off to your work and consideration for the Youth of the nation. Your schemes like make in India, Beti bachao- Beti padhao, digital India etc are very well planned.

The foreign relationships of the nation are getting stronger, all thanks to Modi ji acting both, as the Prime minister and Foreign minister . Being a part of the student community, I would really like to appreciate the choice of education minister the government had made, Smt. Smriti Irani, such a learned woman she is . Her contribution in the field of television is worth all the appreciation but I would like to praise her for her contribution in biological science , she has taught us how to raise the dead again and again (this kind of technology can be used to invoke Lord Godse).

I don’t know how to thank our government allowing us to be enlightened by great sages like swami Adityanath, Shakshi maharaj, sadhivi Pragya ,sadhivi Prachi etc. When the preach and speak, my soul is enlightened by the selection of the words they choose, like harami, haramzadey ,Kuttey ,Mulley etc . It is just a wow moment for me and my little brother who watches the news with me . I am sure that these words are not from our vedas and puranas . They are so peaceful that the fake sages like Kabir das , Meera bai , Ravidas etc., should be cut out of our syllabus and must be replaced by them.

As I am proceeding to the end of my letter, I have saved the best achievement of yours . Thank you for spotting out the anti-nationals in our society. The epitome of nationalism you have set for us is worth a standing ovation.These bloody Naxalites of JNU, Mullahs, dalits, sickulars etc., are very harmful for our nation. I am telling you from my personal experience that these anti-nationals are like virus if you hear out their opinions and views.You will start thinkning about the not so important issues like employment, women safety , farmer suicides etc., as they will divert us from our main issues like Ram mandir , riots , pushpak vimaan etc. Adding to this, thank you for raiding in JNU, those Naxalites and “terrorist mullahs” were going to expose the suicide of that hyderabadi terrorist Rohith Vemula by their vast movements. These people pose a serious threat to us while our ABVP is the best as they know how to create nonsensical tension by using false fallacies.
We are proud of our government. I hope we will get some more progress from your side

Yours sincerely
An adarsh azaad student

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