An Open Letter to PM Modi by a former DU student

Respected Prime Minister Modiji,

Before anything let me tell you that I’m a hard-core supporter of your pro-digital policies, be it Digital India or BHIM app.  I still remember the day when you launched your dream Project Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. People started giving a second thought before throwing away anything on the roads just because of your innovative ways of campaigning to keep our city Clean and Green.
I’m an Ex-DUite, and Elections in Delhi University (DU) is one the  biggest festivals on the campus. Lakhs of rupees are wasted everyday by the candidates in the form of pamphlets and flyers and the pillars of Metro are defaced with issue-less posters and roads at North Campus are occupied with large hoardings of Candidates.
I hope this is not the Swachh Bharat you dreamed off. Don’t you think ABVP and NSUI should support you in your vision of Digital India and Swachh Bharat.  You have a good and far-sighted vision of Digital India. Students wing Like ABVP and NSUI who bent to win Elections without even caring about what they are defacing should go on to adopt Digital Campaigns instead of littering away our College Campuses.
One can understand, that NSUI is the Student wing of Indian National Congress, who might not support your good vision because of political reasons but your own  student wing ABVP is against your dream of Clean India?
ABVP should also use Digital Campaign and should not indulge in defacing metro Pillars/Walls with their names. Why they are wasting so much money and littering away our campus with issueless flyers. Why they are helping NSUI to fail your dream Projects of Clean and Digital India.
I request you to make an appeal to all the contesting Political  Parties not to pollute the campus and city with their non-useful  pamphlets and please Go Digital.
Jai Hind
(A former DU Student who wish to see my country, city and Campus clean)

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