AMU Scholar gets young scientist award

Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh:

Dr. Md Iqbal Raja Khan, Senior Research Fellow, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Department of Botany, Aligarh Muslim University has received Young Scientist of the Year Award 2014 from Scientific and Environmental Research Institute, Kolkata.The award was recommended by the International Board of Awards of the Academy in recognition of Mr. Khan’s significant contributions in the field of plant physiology, plant biochemistry and environmental science.

Mr. Khan has worked on the metabolism of crop plants under the heavy metal stress, salt stress and heat stress and significant role of ethylene and salicylic acid in regulation of plants growth and development. He also suggested that ethylene was critical for plant growth and development and played an important role in integrating various stress signals and controlling stress responses and interacts in co-ordination with each other for defence signal networking to fine tune defense.Mr. Khan has published 27 research articles in journals of international and national repute.

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