AMU researcher publishes paper in reputed journal, Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC)

ALIGARH January 13:

The reputed weekly Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC), Maryland, USA has published the research paper of Ms. Saba Tufail, Research Scholar, Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Unit, Aligarh Muslim University in its December 15, 2014 issue. This is the first paper published in JBC from Aligarh Muslim University in the past three decades.

Publishing a paper in JBC is a prestigious achievement as several among its contributors have received Nobel Prize. Ms. Saba Tufail’s research paper entitled “Amyloid form of Ovalbumin evokes native antigen specific immune response in the host: Prospective Immuno-Prophylactic Potential”, highlights the prospective application of nanoparticulate amyloid bodies as vaccine candidates since they were found to release the native antigen in a sustained manner.


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