AMU Prof conferred William Harvey Award

Aligarh, July 6:
Professor Sayeedul Hasan Arif, Department of Pathology, J N Medical College with his colleagues, Dr Kafeel Akhtar, Associate professor Department of Pathology and Senior Residents Dr Shagufta Qadri and Dr Suhailur Rahman has been conferred prestigious William Harvey Award 2015 in Haematology for his paper published in The Journal of Haematology.

The research has a rare case study of Haemaglobinopathy in Aligarh. The paper shows a seven-year-old male child suffering from Haemoglobin C (Hb C) trait.The case study patient is suffering from Mixed Type of Nutritional Anaemia but despite the treatment, the anaemia is not corrected so the electrophoresis was advised and final diagnosis was made.Hb C disease is common in West African and Mediterranean countries and big parts of North America. It is so far, rare in Indian subcontinent and Asia.Prof Arif’s journal is published by Photon Foundation along with other journals of ‘Medical Specialty’ and ‘Super Specialty’ from USA.After completing MD in pathology in 1991, Prof Arif joined the Department of Pathology, J N Medical College as demonstrator. In 1995, Prof Arif was appointed Lecturer in the Department of Pathology. He was promoted to the post of a Reader in 2004, joining as an Associate Professor in 2007. Since 2010, Prof Arif has been working as a Professor in the Department of Pathology.  

 Prof Arif also holds the posts of Blood Bank and Central Investigation Laboratory In-Charge. He was member of Medical Education Unit in Faculty of Medicine from 2009 to 2014 and served J N Medical College and Hospital in the capacity of DMS from 2011 to 2013.Dr Arif’s subordinate in his award winning paper, Dr Kafil Akhtar, Associate Professor; Department of Pathology has special interests in Cytopathology, Hematology and Blood Banking subdivisions of Pathology. He has teaching experience of over 13 years in various topics of the subject. He is a regular contributor to journals of National and International repute.While, Dr Shagufta Qadri who has also worked with Dr Arif  on the award winning paper is a MBBS and MD in Pathology from J N Medical College. She is currently working as a Senior Resident in the Department of Pathology. With her focus on ‘Surgical pathology,’ she has special interest in Oncopathology. She is also experienced in various other subdivision of pathology as Cytopathology, Transfusion Medicine and Clinical pathology.


Another subordinate in the award winning paper, Dr Suhailur Rehman did his MBBS and MD Pathology from J N Medical College and is currently working as a Senior Resident in the Department of Pathology. With work experience in different fields of Histopathology, Cytopathology, Hematology, Transfusion Medicine, and Clinical Pathology, Dr Rehman has also gained experience of teaching Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

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