AMU Organises seminar on ‘The Life of Holy Prophet, a Model for World Peace

Aligarh, January 10: Stating that Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), was sent as a mercy unto all the nations in order to unite mankind, Prof Saud Alam Qasmi of Aligarh Muslim University’s Theology Department laid emphasis on uniting the Ummah. Prof Qasmi was delivering a keynote lecture on ‘The Life of Holy Prophet, a Model for World Peace.’

During the seminar held at AMU’s NRSC Club, Prof Qasmi urged the audiences to shun all personal differences and unite under a common platform. He also pointed out that unity is only option to bring peace.While pointing out that a Christian author, Michael H Hart in his book on ‘100 most influential personalities of history’ rated Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the top, renowned Islamic scholar, Maulana Syed Abbas Baqri said that Hart’s research proved that the Prophet (PBUH) was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both religious and secular levels.

Maulana Baqri also said that even today Prophet’s influence is still powerful and pervasive because he was sent for the whole humanity and not just for one nation. While jointly conducting the Programme, Dr Danish Suhail and Syed Ali Raza said that today people are divided into communities, sects, ethnicity and nations and some leaders are taking advantage of the situation. They further said that peace will only come forth when the path taught by Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad (PBUH) is followed.

Dr Kashif Razi of J N Medical College proposed the vote of thanks by stating that unity and education are essentials for the upliftment of Muslim community.

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