AMU Minority Character Case : Appeal by Vice Chancellor

ALIGARH January 15:

The Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah has assured all the well wishers of this institution that “our preparation is ready and we have hired a battery of the best legal brains in the country, comprising Mr. Harish Salve, Dr. Rajeev Dhawan and P.P. Rao and we hope to engage Mr. Gopal Subramanium, whenever he is available”.

Lt. Gen. Shah said, “We are fully prepared and confident that justice will prevail as we have full faith in our judiciary and wisdom and sagacity of our Prime Minister who will stand by his belief of ‘Sub Ka Saath – Sub ka Vikas’.”

The Vice Chancellor said, “We would request you not fall prey to rumour mongering. Have faith in us. Let the judicial process not be hampered by use of unconstitutional means”.

He said that the “AMU fraternity and other right thinking and fair minded citizens of our great country are quite rightly concerned about the outcome of the issue of restoration of Minority Character of AMU”. He said that the case is being heard before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. The first hearing was on 11 January 2016”.

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