AMU EC draws new panel for next VC

ALIGARH January 28:

As the five-year term of service of Aligarh Muslim University’s Vice Chancellor comes to an end, the university authorities are ready to pass the baton to a new deserving candidate who can spearhead the cause of education at this institution. Retd. Gn. Zameeruddin Shah, who took charge in 2012, will hand over the responsibilities to a new agent of change on the 17th of May, 2017.
After much deliberation the Executive Council of AMU has approved the following five names from amongst the numerous nominations submitted for the next term of Vice Chancellorship:
  1. Prof. Javaid Akhter, current Registrar of AMU
  2. Dr Abusaleh Shariff, former Chief Economist, National Council for Applied Economic Research
  3. Prof. Mazahir Kidwai, former VC, Jiwaji University
  4. Dr. Shahid Jamil, scientist based in Delhi
  5. Prof. Tariq Mansoor, Principal J N Medical College, AMU
On 4th February 2017, the AMU Court will further shortlist three names out of these five to be considered for the post.This is a time for a transition at the university and the atmosphere is thick with the cacophony of anticipation. The students hope that the new V.C. would take the legacy of AMU further and stay connected to the student community whilst in service.

(Written by Aleena Khan.a final year student of B.A. Communicative English, Aligarh Muslim University)

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