Administration responds positively, BITsians peaceful protest shows its ripple effect

Students registered the peaceful protest by staying outside the Director’s office, demanding justice. This protest was against the fee hike that lead to increase in fee from Rs.40000 per semester to Rs.1,59,500 per semester in a time period of 4 years.

According to authorities, the hike in fee is a result of lack of funding from Central and State government. Students adopted a very unique method to revert to this statement. Students at BITS Pilani campus spared Rs.1 to Rs.10 to collect fund for helping the administration to meet its financial need.

“#ChangeForAChange – An opposite symbol for protest. Students enqueue outside the vice-chancellor’s office and chip in Re 1, Rs 2 coins to help the administration meet its growing financial needs. #RollbackBITSPilaniFeeHike,” tweeted a student.

Finally, after 140 hours the protest is paused by the students of BITS Pilani. The protest was put to rest when BITsians formed a human chain in the shape of iconic clock tower that stands in the middle of the campus.

Image Courtesy: The Quint


The spirit in which the protest was carried out is indeed remarkable. Even in odd times, students stood for each other and did not lose their composure to protest in a peaceful manner. The zeal and enthusiasm for righteousness led to extended support from sister institutes at Hyderabad and Goa.

Addressing the issue, the student leader Sidhartha Namburi said, “While the students are protesting and demanding a change in the fees structure, this should in no way be interpreted as a agitation against the institute. We are not agitated, we are not angry. We are just sad and worried about this particular issue. The act of forming the clock tower using the human chain was to symbolise the BITSian way of doing it and also to reinstate the fact that each and every one of us are proud to be BITSians. Whatever issues we might have, We love and take immense pride in the institute and this protest was not to defame the institute in any manner.” The students of BITS Pilani tried to show the world the right way of protesting – The BITSian way.

The student committee has put the protest on hold after the administration gave  assurance about legitimate actions. However, students have assured that they will return with stronger motivation if a student centric conclusion is not arrived at.

Note- The Students’ Union is aware of specific personal attacks being made online against the Director and Vice Chancellor of the institute. We strongly condemn these actions and would like to affirm our utmost respect for them as persons and the posts held by them.

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