AC meeting in JNU: Controversies and suspension

Once again JNU is surrounded by controversies as the administration recently suspended 12 students for protesting outside AC meeting against the absurd decisions taken by the VC sidelining all the criticisms from JNUSU and teacher community. The protest was against the apparent decision of hike in the fees and the alleged manipulation by VC in the selection committee and attributing full weightage to viva voce in M.Phil and PhD. The move seems to be motivated by the larger agenda of dismantling the unique culture and tradition of JNU which makes it one of the most prestigious universities of our country.

The suspension of students was done on the grounds of apparently disrupting the AC meeting while the press note from administration itself said that these students went inside towards the end of the meeting when all the decisions have already been passed. The speed with which the decision was taken of immediate academic suspension as well as that of vacating the hostel by all suggest the intentions of this saffron administration in suppressing all kinds of dissents and criticism using its institutional authority in the all absurd ways possible.

Another important aspect of the whole situation emerges out to be caste. Most of the students suspended belong to the dalit community, while there were students from other organizations also among those who protested outside the AC meeting, this specific targeting of students from a specific community speaks volumes about the false but clear intentions of this brahmanical administration towards its own students from marginalized sections.

While the JNUSU in its press release first stated that “A small section of students had given a unilateral call for protest outside the AC meeting and they entered the hall when the meeting was already over. It needs to be asked whose interest does such actions by this section of students serves is something which needs to be asked”. A day later now, JNUSU seems to offer its solidarity to suspended students. Common students have condemned such delay in taking any action by JNUSU and have raised their views against JNUSU who could not  keep up a stiff face against  the administration in preventing VC from passing such authoritarian diktats on all manipulative and absurd grounds.

(Written by:UJJWAL YADAV)

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