A village where prostitution is a tradition

Where women all over the country are standing against the sexual exploitation and abuse there is a village where prostitution is a traditional profession for the women in the families. The girls from Bedia community are engaged and permitted to be in this business. The women who marries continue to work as a prostitute, this tends to the loss of revenue for the families and community.

The women at an early age from the families of Bedia community from Bharatpur, Rajasthan are into this business which remains to the only source of income to the families. The government is refrained and protested by this community, as the people believe that it is the tradition which is practices and has to be kept alive.

Government and various social workers found numerous obstacles to snatch out the community from this practice, they tried to educate them and engage them in different activities more in the main stream work. On these ideas women reviewed pointing that a Bedia women can still earn 4 to 10 times the amount earned by unskilled workers in Indian earn

The significant thing which we can carve out is though it may be question that what is the future of the girl born in the Bedia community? The girls are forced to this business at the age of 12 or 13 and are not permitted to choose their life differently. How these critical issues can be solved. The government has persistently dithered on of securing rights of women and children.

This is the one of the dark side of the progressing country of India. Till when these rigid communities will alter and let girls move beyond the pricking boundaries. This rigidity leaves the stains of illiteracy, poverty, and wrong means of earning livelihood – pushing the children in this business.

Here in some parts of India people are standing for women rights and giving more emphasize on strengthening their position in this man dominating society and are striving against exploitation.

There is need for cure to this poison of forced prostitution on the name of a tradition there is a need of change – a need of an education, knowledge. When that day will come that women would not be bind to any tradition or any customs and strangle and struggle for their individual progress, independence, respect and a free to live.

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