A day in Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR)

The magical world of LSR with its wonderment and excitement tends to leave deep imprints on the mind of the students. It isn’t just the chitter- chatter in the cafe or the sly eating of lunch in reference section, or the unrealistic joy of sitting in the lawns just before green cup, or the late night laughter echoing through the hostel, it is indeed much more than all of that.

So, let’s see what makes LSR so special for us.

1) “Oh for the umpteenth time, it is cafe not canteen!”

“O God fearing creatures of all kinds, remember you just DON’T call LSR cafe a canteen!” Whether it sells idli sambhar, dosa or coffee, it shall not be called a canteen. It should be honoured in the holiest manner with the designation assigned to it- cafe!

2) ID card is more valuable than life.

To save ourselves from getting ugly loosk from the watchman and to enter the college without apologizing a million times, ID card possession is a must. The checking for ID cards and DY slips at LSR is stricter than passport checking at airports.

3) ” Metro late ho gayi thi”

At some point of our time in college, we all have used the excuse. Even the ones living in hostel don’t shy away from subtly using it to avoid the catastrophic instance of not being allowed to sit in the class.

4) All your male friends constantly plead “please ek LSR ki gf banwa de!”

This is the second most frequently asked question from LSR girls, the first being whether they are all feminist. (sigh!)

And no matter how many times you have tried to explain To them the consequences of having an LSR girl as a girlfriend, they still haven’t stopped trying.

5) Sev puri waale bhaiya and momos waale bhaiya are life saviors!

We all know the gloom that dawns upon us in the event of absence of sev- puri waale bhaiya.

That 20 rupees worth of heaven and the mouthwatering taste of momos are probably the reason why a bulging stomach isn’t regretted so much.

6) There is a sense of accomplishment in entering lawns just days before the Green Cup.

We all have felt it. The distinct aroma of flowers, the wind of freedom, the green pasture of guilt-ridden grounds and the thrill which engulfed us when we jumped over those wire fences to enter LSR lawns days before the detested Green Cup. Oh, green heaven!

7) You probably have attended more classes in college than in school.

Yes, you might have also been deceived by the popular idea that college is all about bunking classes. LSR is all about 95% attendance and being in class on time. Remember the time when your friend smirked at you from inside the class when you were five minutes late?

8) Neither the North campus nor the South campus, LSR has an identity of its own.

DU students tend to identify each other through campuses. There are foodies of North campus and fashionistas of South campus, but LSR has maintained its own individuality. The common and the mighty- ALL address us and revere us as students of LSR, an off campus college.

9) You feel unimaginably proud of your college.

Every time someone asks you about the college you belong, to the the reply” LSR” comes accompanied by an innate happiness and warmth succeeded by pride. Though we hate to say it, we secretly love sporting the LSR sweatshirt and tee!

Yes l am from LSR, tee hee!

There are several things which remind us of LSR, our home away from home. The magic of LSR resides in its people, their conversions, their eyes and the warmth of their hugs. LSR is a family of enthusiastic women embarking on the journey of spreading knowledge and love alike.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Sarita-Bhandari.jpg” ]I am Sarita bhandari student of Lady Shri Ram College for Women pursuing BA( HISTORY HONS) 3RD YEAR[/author]

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