A cleanliness drive in Mussoorie to save mountains

A cleanliness drive was held at George Everest, Mussoorie on 15th of June by Just Open Yourself, a Dehradun based NGO famously known as JOY. Around 50 people initiated to volunteer in the drive.

The work continued for 7 hours and results were terrifying. Since it was impossible to pick up trash from everywhere, it was decided that only a part of the place would be covered. Groups were made to perform different duties. NGO’s objective was to collect maximum amount of non-biodegradable wastes. At the end of the drive, approximately 450 glass bottles were collected and 45-50 big garbage bags were full of plastic and it’s by-products.

Volunteers claimed that they will keep on doing such cleanliness drives but what everyone needs  to understand is that they should not pollute it at the first place. It is far more difficult to clean the mountains and hilly areas. Waste thrown there gets collected in gorges or foot of the mountains due to heavy rain and winds. Thus, making it difficult for them to pick it up from there. Due to rise in temperature in cities and towns, people are turning to hilly areas for vacations.

The rate of tourists in northern India has drastically increased. Uttarakhand is heavily crowded because of the  ‘Char Dham Yatra’ and it’s so called pleasant weather. Cities are getting hotter day by day and the solo cause I would like to accuse of this is pollution. Even the well-educated people don’t seem to care in their vacation mode. The only possible solution is to either avoid use of non-biodegradable things or disposing them in bins after use. Plastic and glass bottles don’t decompose even after hundreds of years. So, now you know what will be the hazard to living beings in future. Before the mountains completely fall, save them.

Let’s start living for our home our Earth. Save Us!

(Written by Khushbu Bisht)

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