A campus celeb like this hockey player!

A 3rd year student of Computer Engineering from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women(IGDTUW) formerly known as IGIT, Srishti Marwah is an international level hockey player in the Indian national team of hockey for women. She has won a gold medal in 16th Asian roller hockey championship held at Haining, China and participated in World Roller Hockey Championship held at Tourcoing, France.Apart from this, She is also a national level chess player,a Microsoft Student Partner, Sponsorship Head of the college’s technical fest, publicity associate of cultural fest, core team member of college’s sports club.. The girl has unlimited capacities to go beyond the stars. Her struggle has paid off well. Have a look at a brief interview with Srishti Marwah:
Srishthi MarwahKanika (AT Correspondent): Every achiever has a story behind the great success achieved. What incidents or experiences do you have?
Srishti: Like every story is, mine too is full of suspense, uncertainties and finally glory. Making it to the Indian team of roller hockey was in itself a great challenge. I had to manage my final exams and selection camps side by side, giving equal priority to both. My camp location was 250 km away from Delhi which is where my college is. My mom helped me through this time. She drove for long hours between the two venues. I have amazing memories of Asian and World championships including those of travelling, matches, medal ceremony, best one being that of the Indian flag rising high and the Indian national anthem being played on our victory.

Kanika: What or who is the main source of motivation in your life?
Srishti: Passion to achieve something in life is what I believe is the main source of motivation in anyone’s life. A physical source of motivation could be anything. Even an ant climbing a wall serves as one. But I would definitely like to mention that my mom used to constantly motivate and inspire me through all the tough times and uncertainties that I went through.

Kanika: How did you cope up with your academics- in terms of time devotion and dedication?
Srishti: Well, that was something which seemed impossible earlier because I had to massively juggle between camp and exams but when I knew that I had to do it come what may, I started utilising the time during which other players used to sleep, especially after the practice sessions. Apart from that, I used to study in the car while travelling from Delhi to Sirsa and vice versa. Accumulating these bits of time and utilising them is what, I think got me a satisfactory result in exams too.

Kanika: How it feels when you, with your determination and lots of hard work, are able to make so many people proud of you?
Srishti: Throughout this time, I used to get a lot of praise from friends, family and acquaintances, which motivated me further. It feels really great having made so many people proud of me. Those few months and all the associated feelings are engraved in my heart and would give me joy forever.

Kanika: Being an inspiration for the youngster, do you have any special message that you would like to give to all of us?
Srishti: My advice to my dear juniors is that believe in yourself, prioritise tasks and more importantly stick to what you have planned. Hard work is something you should never refrain from. Lastly, balance academics with extracurricular activities because today’s world demands a perfect blend of the two. The amalgamation of all these would lead you to success.

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