Jamia Organised 3-day National level cultural festival-Miraas

m4Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi:
The much awaited moment of the inaugural Jamia’s Inter University Cultural Festival “MIRAAS 2014″ arrived at 10am in the morning of 24 February at the M.A. Ansari auditorium.The event began with the arrival of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. S.M. Sajid, and the chief guest for the event Mrs. Shanta Serbjeet Singh, Vice-Chairman, Sangeet Natak Akademi escorted by the Dean of Students’ Welfare, Prof Tasneem Meenai.As per the convention of Jamia Millia Islamia the program started with a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Nasir Ahmed, followed by its translation by Wafia Kissa who also compeered the entire event.This was followed by screening of a movie created by Khalid Yusafzai, which had glimpses of Miraas 2013 and clips of interviews of the vice-chancellor Prof. SM. Sajid and former Vice-Chancellor Mr. Najeeb Jung.
The Vice-Chancellor and the chief guest were presented mementoes by Jai Karan Singh and Ali Khan respectively. Ammar Khan and Prateek Sharma presented brochures to the dignitaries for the formal inauguration.Next, the dean of Students welfare, Prof. Tasneem Meenai addressed the gathering and welcomed the chief guest; then invited the vice-chancellor, Prof. S.M. Sajid on the dais. The Vice-Chancellor spoke of the founding days of the University and also bestowed his best wishes to Jamia Millia Islamia for making MiRAAS an International Inter-University Festival by 2020.The chief guest, Shanta Serbjeet Singh addressed the gathering next. She spoke about the need to preserve and hold on to our culture stating that culture is the essence of humanity. The program concluded with vote of thanks by Wafia Kissa.It is noteworthy that over 50 reputed educational institutes from all over the country has registered their teams for participation in various events.Every competition of the first day had extraordinary participation and an overwhelming number of spectators. These were efficiently managed by the personnel from the proctor’s office in order to maintain discipline and decorum.

Indian Vocals Solo and group
What better way could there be to celebrate than with music? Keeping that view the celebration of Jamia Millia Islamia’s legacy – Miraas began with the Indian solo vocals competition at 11:30am in the MA Ansari auditorium.The competition was adjudged by Zuchamo Yanthan, IGNOU, Angela Gujnani, member of Svardan and Pradeep Pallavi, winner of Great Indian laughter Challenge 2005. There was a wide range of participation from universities and colleges all over the country. With Makahan Lal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and communication, Bhopal, St. John’s college, Agra, Amity International Business school, Noida and Center for Management and Development, Modinagar to name a few along with numerous colleges from the University of Delhi.
The event was admirably compeered by Saniya Sachdeva and Tariq Usmani. The audience sat enraptured by the performances throughout the event.Students from Jamia performed at the end of the program as the judges went on a break and the stage was set for the next competition.Meanwhile, the Business idea competition was held at the FTK-CIT seminar hall at 11:30am.The completion witnessed a tough competition among over 15 leading management and business institutes of the country. Syed Aaqib Mujtaba was the compeer for the event. The hall was also the venue for “Management Guru”, a case study competition conducted by the entrepreneurship club at 2:30pm. Nargis Akhtar conducted the competition in which thirteen teams competed for three winning positions.

Western Vocals competition
Participants of the Western solo and group singing completion were rewarded with an overwhelming response from the enthusiastic crowds at the M.A. Ansari Auditorium which started post lunch a little later than 3pm.The competition was adjudged by Dr. Zunchamo Yanthan IGNOU, Eric Soreng and Jeremiah Pame.  Like the Indian vocal competition, the western vocal competition saw a wide array of participants ranging from institutes across the country. Sadiya Khan and Shabeeh Rahat were the compeers of the event.

The entrepreneurship club conducted two events on the first day under the leadership of its conveyor, Dr. Naseeb Ahmed. The events, Business Idea competition and Management Guru (Case study competition) were conducted at the FTK-CIT Seminar hall at 11am and 2:30 pm respectively.The Business Idea competition was designed to bring out the creative talents of from over ten participants various management institutes. Teams of three were given the task of coming up with innovations and present them on a slide show in a limit of 10 minutes. Dr. Kalpana Sinha, Prof. Rehan Khan Suri and Mr. Saad were the judges of the event. The event was compeered by Syed Aaqib Mujtaba.
The case study competition, Management Guru, witnessed participation of around ten teams from various business and management institutes. The event was compeered by Nargis Akhtar.Teams were given 25 minutes to study the cases given to them and 5 minutes to present their solutions.The event was adjudged by Prof. Mohiuddin Sangmi of Department of Business and Financial studies, University of Kashmir and Mr. Saad, director of NICT, New Delhi.

The second day of Miraas dawned brighter with success beyond description in organizing the national trilingual inter-university debate. The competition lasted over eight hours with over 30 institutes from all over the country competing. Eminent scholars from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Aligarh Muslim University and noted media personalities judged and chaired the occasion.
The creative writing competition was conducted at the Nelson Mandela centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution at 2:30 pm.  The competition was trilingual and held in Hindi, Urdu and English. Dr. Arshad Ikram from the Department of Education Studies adjudged the entries in English. Dr. Khalid Javed from the Dept. of Urdu and Dr. Chandradev Yadav form the Dept. of Hindi were the judges for Urdu and Hindi respectively.Participants were given an hour to write on the topic “Something Amiss”(Kuch khoya hua sa). The parameters judgement was of vocabulary and creativity. This event, like all others in MiRAAS witnessed a wide range of participation from institutes across the country.

The third day of Miraas started with revival of Jamia Millia Islamia’s tradition of bait-baazi. The M.A Ansari auditorium was the venue for the bait-baazi competition. Naushad Manzar and Saquib Imran were the compeers of the event. The Bait-baazi competition will be a highlight of MiRAAS 2014 as it is a new addition to last year’s events.Bait-baazi was the sole competition in Miraas that had contestants from only within the NCR. The participating teams were named after renowned Urdu poets for the sake of anonymity during judgment. Two competing teams were called on stage, one after another through the picking of slips by the judges. Four out of eight teams were selected for the second round which decided the award winning teams. Dr. Khalid Mubasshir and Mr. Farhat Ehsaas were the judges of the competition.  The judges recited couplets at the beginning of every round, which acted as prompters for the participants. The audience actively took part in the competition by cheering for the participants.Mr. Farhat Ehsaas gave his worthy remarks at the end of the competition, stating that the competition was judged on choice of couplet, pronunciation and most importantly on the manner of recitation. He also gave his best wishes to the participants and congratulated Jamia Millia Islamia on having successfully conducted the program.

Ad-Mad competition
The Ad-Mad competition was conducted at the FTK-CIT seminar hall, on 26 February l 10:30am onwards. Dr. Amitabh Roy, Dr. M.A. Khan and Dr. Shruti Tripathi adjudged this competition in which nine institutes had participated.

Folk dance
The vibrancy and the beats of folk music changed the face of MiRAAS 2014, the Folk Dance Competition started at 2:00 pm. A wide range of folk dances were presented by the participating institutions, including Rajasthani, Gujrati, Punjabi, Marathi, and other regional dances. The stage was set on fire by the colourful and energetic performances which enchanted the audience compelling them to cheer and applaud from their seats, spell bound. The auditorium was bursting at the seams and crowd control had become an issue that gave birth to a major problem which was taken care of by the Guards from the Proctorial Department  to the best of their abilities.The six participating institutions included Indraparastha College for Women (DU),  St. John’s College (Agra), DAV College( Yamunanagar), Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication (Bhopal), Centre for Management (Modinagar) and Jamia Millia Islmia. The beauty and energy of the performances were commendable and the loud cheering was suggestive of the great entertainment that the spectators had.

The valedictory function started at 5pm with Mrs. Amina Jung as the cheif guest. Mrs. Jung expressed her pleasure in being witness to both Miraas 2013 and 2014. She congratulated Jamia Millia Islamia for having conducted Miraas for a second consecutive year. She appreciated the efforts of the staff and students involved in making Miraas a success.This was followed by prize distribution to the winners of the competitions in Miraas.The dean of students’ welfare, Prof. Tasneem Meenai delivered the vote of thanks. She thanked Mrs. Jung for her kind presence and appreciated the staff and students for their efforts.

(Report is prepared by Vismaiy Avasthi and Wafia Kissa both are final year student of B.A. (H)-English at Jamia Millia Islamia)

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