8 ways : How DU students celebrate Diwali Vacations

  1. Eating
    From fruits to Dry fruits, from mithayis to chole bhature. DUites eat senselessly during these vacations. They just want to get that ‘diwali vaali’ feel during their meal. People at home celebrate by stuffing delicious home cooked food and mithayis while people away spend money lavishly to make their tongues happy.
    DU Diwali
  2. Get togethers
    Duites do plan to meet their lost friends during these vacations. Former class mates or schoolmates try to get in touch with each other and share the sweet forgotten memories over a table enjoying meals.
    DU Diwali
  3. Studying/ Trying to study
    Mid Semester or Dusshera breaks are given by the University for Students to study. But with the approaching examination session DUites remain worried about their grades and study or they try to study at least.
    DU Diwali
  4. Whatsapp/ facebook
    Gone are the days when we used to visit our friends and family members. Students living away from their homes usually spend diwali vacations with their smart phones. Those student “netas” never forget to wish dhanteras, chotidiwali, diwali and bhaiyadooj with e-posters containing their photographs on social media.
    DU Diwali
  5. Shopping
    Diwali is the perfect time to go shopping. Since true ‘sardi’ will come soon so, students who go to their homes pack their bags with new winter clothes for their PGs. And students who remain in PGs just shop so that they can show off that they celebrated diwali too.
    DU Diwali
  6. Pampering little brothers and sisters
    DU peeps go to their homes and try to impress their own little brothers and sisters or the kids of their chacha/maama by gifting them cool chocolates or the special things from DELHI.
    DU Diwali
  7. Campaigns by activists
    Various student activists don’t celebrate Diwali instead they put in their efforts to make people celebrate Pollution Free Diwali by planning innovative and attractive campaigns both on social media and on ground.
    DU Diwali
    And then there is this usual yet exciting way of celebrating diwali. Purchase your crackers, call on your friends, make rangolis, light up the lamps, pack gifts and go ahead
    DU Diwali




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