7 things to look out for before getting into a College

With this New Year 2015, there comes fresh batch of school students who will pass their board examinations this year and will start looking for colleges and universities to take admission. By now, majority of students have already made up their minds about what course and what college they want to get in, but there are many students who are still not very sure about what to choose. Besides this problem of not being able to decide, there is also the problem that many times we don’t get the opportunity to get into the course or college of our choice due to some reasons and that is where the dilemma begins.This article focuses on 7 things that a student should keep in mind before getting into college or university.

#1 Search about University: Many people often lose sight of the university they are getting into, and they only focus on college and the course. It is very necessary to know everything about the University of your College as it is the University’s affiliation that matters on your degree. So look out and search everything about your university beforehand.

#2 College vs. Course: This is a common dilemma faced by students. Many a times people get admission into their desired college and took any course without interest just to be in that college, which is very a wrong decision. It is true that the college matters a lot, but focus more on course. Because it is this course which you will be studying in your graduation and which will determine your future so choose wisely and select the course that interests you the most.

#3 Choose your course wisely: Yes, choosing a course is very important decision that needs to be done with great care. Do not base the course selection on the marks you have obtained in your boards. Instead, check out for all available courses, check syllabus, ask other friends and students who are studying those subjects and most importantly, ask yourself whether this course is good enough to keep you interested three years and will it be okay for you to pursue a career in this direction.

#4 Location of your College: You might think that it doesn’t matter how far my college is, I can join it anyway, but believe me this thinking does not last long. Travelling wastes a lot of time, energy and money for a college student, so it is better you look out for a college which is not too far from your place. Also, keep in mind that you figure out your conveyance to the college.

#5 Faculty: Not to be ignored, a college’s faculty is one of the important things that will shape your college life achievements. Search about the faculties, compare and contrast it with other colleges and universities. No college will have a bad faculty; you have to see which is best according to you.

#6 Fee Structure: It is quite important that you see into the financial aspect of your education as well as it should not be a burden on your family. Try getting into a government university, if that doesn’t happen check out carefully which private university you choose to study in. Beware of fake universities and colleges which are fraud and hungry for money.

#7 Campus: This will decide how you grow in your college life. Look out for a campus that’s active, a student’s hub and a place where you can meet new people and make friends. Don’t be apprehensive about making new friends now, socialize and explore the world. Do all the fun things you wished for in your college but also keep in mind not to affect your studies.
These are mainly some of the important things that you should look out for. If you are able to find all these desired things into your college or university, and if you are able to strike a perfect balance between your academics and personal or social life in college, then believe me, the three years of college life will become the golden years of your life.

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