7 Things JEE Aspirants Get To Hear

All those candidates aspiring to pursue Engineering must have started their preparation for JEE Main 2019. The strenuous exam which is a gateway to the prestigious IITs is taken up by thousands of aspirants. But, the journey to Engineering is a bit cumbersome. And, to top it all are the things all IIT JEE aspirants usually hear some of which have been mentioned below. Have a look.

Study hard for the next 2 years and you won’t have to study ever again

Firstly, the above statement is a big fat lie and that there is no truth. In reality, the truth is once you have studied hard and cracked JEE, your actual study will start soon after which is way harder than clearing JEE since it is just the beginning of your career and there is a long way to go. Cracking JEE just proves that you are capable of handling the pressure that comes after that. So believing this lie will be a childish thing to do and once you realise that this sentence is a lie you will break from inside a little bit. It’s better to know, acknowledge and face the truth head on than believing a lie.

JEE is easy to crack and if you can’t do it then you cannot do anything else with your life

Again this sentence is wrong. JEE is definitely not easy to crack. Any student who are preparing for JEE or has cracked JEE will laugh after hearing this sentence. You will have to study really hard to crack it. Cracking JEE itself is an achievement. But, to crack JEE you have to first figure out what you want to study next or else you will end up studying way more than you should have. Studying for one paper is easy but studying for so many papers is extremely difficult so choose beforehand.

JEE is way easier now than it was 5 years ago

Yes, JEE is different than it was 5 years ago but that does not mean it is not similarly tough. The syllabus has changed and numbers of seats in the best institutes have increased but so did the number of students applying increased. So, JEE is nowhere near easier than it was 5 year ago. It may have changed, but the difficulty level remains the same.

To earn salaries in millions you have to study in IIT

This sentence may be true up to certain extent but it is nowhere near correct. First of all to get into IIT, you have to study extremely hard and secondly IITs’ have limited number of seats. So, it’s not possible for every student to get a chance in IIT.

Studying in IIT definitely helps but that does not mean the other colleges won’t help you to success. The IIT tag won’t help you in getting jobs because to get jobs you yourself have to crack the interviews and if you can’t do it then no IIT tag can help you.

JEE online is much easier

Many parents think that giving the exam online is easier than giving the exam offline. This is not true because the difficulty level does not see the mode of examination. JEE has maintained the same level of difficulty. In case of JEE Advanced online exam, the level of difficulty is raised as it has high negative marking. So, JEE online is definitely not easier.

IITs have more than 100 % placements

Most common belief among the parents is that IIT can guarantee your placement. This belief is not true. No IIT can guarantee your job. Yes, they give you placement opportunity but not guarantee. In reality the percentage of students that get placed does not even reach 100 %. One of the leading company – Infosys, does not even go to IIT with placement offers. For the corporate world, IITs are just another engineering college which gives slightly more talented workers.

To prepare for JEE you have to be a master in Maths

This is definitely not true. Math is important in JEE but that does not mean you have to be a master in Math. Many more important subjects are there like Physics, Chemistry. Math is not the only subject you have to study to crack JEE. Other subjects are equally important. So, don’t go ahead neglecting all the other subjects and focus solely on maths because if you do that then you will get to know the hard way that it is wrong.

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