7 reasons why social work is a great and interesting career option

Choosing a career has always been a mind numbing decision for many youngsters. A large number of people stick to the primitive career options like teaching, engineering or medical either due to parental pressure or due to the job security that they offer. However, we fail to understand that one must pursue a career which makes one want to jump from the bed in the morning. There are many career options that are unexplored by the lot, mainly because people are too scared to venture into something new and not that basic. Social work is one such field. Many will argue, what is the point of doing a course in social work when you can simply go and help people. Well my dear readers, that’s not what social work is about. Helping a poor by giving some money or an elderly by helping them cross the road, is not social work.
Social work is a profession where the workers facilitate individuals to cope more effectively with their problems and enhance their capacities.

Here are 7 reasons why social work is a great and interesting career option-

#1 Lots of field work
Unlike any other student, a social work student goes through a vigorous training for the entire period of the course. At least two days per week are assigned for field work where a student gets a chance to apply his theoretical knowledge in the practical field.

#2 Experience
The amalgamation of practical work with theoretical knowledge provides every individual with a right-based approach and paves the way for a vast amount of experience. A social work student is placed in both agency and community setup where he/she learns the skills of working in different conditions.

#3 Satisfaction
If you are the type of person who acquires happiness by helping others, then a career in social work can yield you with inner satisfaction and peace. Only when you will enter this field, you will realise that smile is an inexpensive gift that you can give to someone.

#4 Career choices
Having a degree in social work would make you eligible to work as an administrator, manager, welfare officer, counsellor in a variety of specializations. There are a wide range of areas where a social worker can work for the people. These include schools, clinics, hospitals, military, mental health clinics in both private and public sectors.

#5 Rural camp
Social work is one such field which a complete package of hard work, last moment assignments, practical knowledge and fun filled travelling. A rural camp is organised for the students which provide them with a completely different experience usually for 10-15 days. The camp is set up in a rural village which familiarizes students with the problems and living conditions of people in the villages. Field works and rural camps provide a hands-on experience to students.

#6 Foreign opportunities
If you consider working in foreign countries like USA, England or Canada, then social work can be a great career option as there is very huge demand of social workers. Organisations like UN, WHO, ILO and many more, also appoint people with social work degrees.

#7 Agent of change
A background in social work can help a person in critically analysing the society, and bring a change for the betterment of the people. Social workers have keen observational skills and knowledge of human behaviour that makes them great agents of change.

Hence this course is worthy enough as it provides with both monetary and emotional fulfilment, being the only field of education where you get to learn while and from doing. I, as a student of the given course feel proud that I chose this and feel immensely satisfied that I am working towards the betterment of society. And contributing my bit to make this world a better and peaceful place.

[box type=”shadow” ]“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”- Mahatma Gandhi[/box]

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Munazza-Ansar.jpg” ]I am Munazza Ansar, pursuing Bachelor’s in Social Work from Jamia Millia Islamia University. I have a keen interest in writing about the prevalent social issues and working for them.[/author]

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