As we have come to a closure of the tormenting exam fever, it’s time to pamper ourselves a bit. A mind- body- soul relaxation is what we all need to revitalize ourselves and live a sabbatical that makes a difference. Following are ways to live each moment of the spare time and make the most of it in productive measures. It’s time to reconnect to self and our real surrounding.

#1. YOGA: Good morning life! Start your day with some relaxation to revitalize the worn out tissues of yesterday to give them a kick. It gives a positive start to the day ahead. A morning exercise helps you activate yourself and keeps you energetic throughout the day. Giving your joints a magical drumroll, yoga helps you in a trio – it’s a mind-body-soul exercise.

#2. HEALTHY DIET– Give your belly a satisfactory start to burn throughout the day. A good breakfast of a nutrient- rich diet would help you lead better and make the most of the day, a diet which eventually is a pattern followed, ticking off the entire day at the right hour. It’s very important to craft a body alarm and feed the system at the right hour of the day to make the tough going.

#3. EXPOSE YOUR MIND TO ART: We do understand “food for belly”, but we also need to look into “food for soul”. Vacations give you a platform to make the best out of the spare time that you have, instead of loafing around or spending the entire day in bed. Every person must know their purpose and thus, work towards it. Create a life that matters, eventually one should work towards broadening their mindscape. “Food for thought” as we call it, is something that gives you an idea to think about. Art makes the best source- exhibitions, plays and concerts being your outlet.

#4. A POSITIVE PLAYLIST: It’s important to note that we are what we speak, hear and see. Thus, our thoughts are highly influenced by the music we listen to. Even if it’s abstract, we do tend to join our own emotions to it. So we come across a simple equation here, listen good to feel good.

#5. FAMILY TIME: Having lost our conscience into social media, we although don’t realize but we do need a break off from social media to interact with people who matter the most. We all do need some family time and give our Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram some rest. The generation gap that we talk about isn’t all because of the age but because of the shifting priorities and technological advancements as well.

#6. TRAVEL: We all, yes it’s a need. We all do need a break sometimes from the mundane surroundings, the same buildings, roads, people and destinations. The flora and fauna too becomes boring. We at times do need a change of place for a change of mind. What are you waiting for? Backpack and go!

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Naina-Grover.jpg” ]Naina Grover is doing her major in English literature. She has been an avid writer, surreal fiction being her forte. She has also qualified a certificate course in creative writing from the British Council and has an inclination towards psychoanalytical studies. She is both, a seeker and an explorer with a tinge of inquisitiveness to experiment with both, life and writing at large. As a part of her personal interest, she also writes lyrics for her self-created symphonies and wishes to excel further in her endeavor to take up writing as her career prospect. [/author]

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