6 Things you miss studying in a Girls College.

1. A Co-Ed Day
This is what every girl misses the most. Being in all girs college reduces the humour, and it all deals with ‘girly things’, which makes the classes boring. Boys add a flavour of wittiness in the classroom and campus.
2. A Good Friendship
Girls College is all about gossiping and back bitching, and we tend to forget the value and importance of Friendship during the course of our college where we develop as an individual. You miss the sparkle.
3. Checking Out Guys
Girls everywhere around us makes us misses checking out guys, and we go crazy when a guy enter the premises, and the feeling of ‘Ache din aa gaye’.

4. Need to be Dressed up
Putting on make-up and one of your best clothes don’t matter because there are no boys to notice you.
5.Interaction with ‘Other Students’
Most the girls in your college end up interacting and making friend in their own class or group of friends. There is not a lot of interaction, one reason being a hatred among girls for other ‘bitchy girls’.

6. Co-Curricular Activities
Being a ‘Girl’, they don’t actively participate in co-curricular activities, sports or events organised by the campus or the university. They are way ‘Too shy’ to face the audience.

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