5 perks of living in North Campus-Delhi University

North campus is the hub of all major events of Delhi University. Most prestigious colleges of DU like Miranda House, St. Stephens, Hindu, you can find them all here. If you happen to be a part of Delhi University and you live in North Campus, it’s not difficult to guess how awesome your life must be! Living here has many perks, here are some of them:

1. Lots of food
Food lovers

If you’re a foodie, this place is a heaven for you. Whether it is chhole kulche or pasta or momos, you’ll fall in love with food all over again here! The food is simply amazing. And you have a lot of options on where to eat- YOLO21, Shagun, Suresh Dhaba, QD’s, BYD, Hungry Minds, and many more.

2. Hub of all activities

No matter what time of the year it is, you can always find something or other happening here, be it seminars, workshops, street plays or protests. Most importantly, the DU fest “Antardhvani” also takes place in North Campus!

3.The campus feeling

This is a place where you get the real feel of college life. With Miranda, Hindu, Stephen’s, SRCC, Daulat Ram all situated close to each other, this place will surely give you with the college vibes. Also, the crowd here is amazing with just the right combination of looks and brains.

4. The coolest hangout places

North Campus has some of the coolest hangout places. Most of the college students love to hangout at places like Kamla Nagar, Patel Chest, Ridge.

5. Easy access to most stuff

Be it transportation, shopping, stationery or food, everything is easily available here. There are two metro stations- GTB as well as Vishwavidyalaya. Kamla Nagar is the most popular shopping place. And Patel Chest is full of stationery and xerox shops.

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