Having a cool college campus is definitely a privilege. But nothing compares to the happiness a college student feels, when even the surrounding areas have so much to offer. When there is so much to explore near college, it becomes no less than a treat to the eye and college life becomes all the more exciting.

No doubt, Jamia Millia Islamia University has a beautiful and a huge campus. But what adds up to the fun element is the fact that the campus is surrounded by some really cool and awesome places. We present to you a list of places that you must visit

#1 Community Centre aka CC
It is the favourite adda for most of the students since it’s in vicinity to the campus and is an ultimate hub for eateries and shopping. The CC market is famous among food-o-holics as it offers food from different cuisines. The Yum Yum Tree is famous for its Chinese, Shree Ratnam and The Carnatic Café offer some great south Indian food, Sheesh restaurant provides the Arabic cuisine, Al-bake is famous for the mouth-watering shawarma, Rampur kitchen brings some delicious dishes from the province of Rampur and the Big Belly Café has one of the tastiest white sauce pasta. Apart from these delicacies, the place also has outlets of the famous Mc. Donald’s, Subway, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Open Oven and Baskin Robbins. One can spend hours in the soothing ambience of CCD lounge or can get their dance shoes on in the famous Pebble Street. The market has Modern Bazaar, a superstore that offers yummiest imported cheese and chocolates and many other items. Even the street food of the place has the power of making you drool.

#2 Sukhdev Vihar
Sukhdev ViharThis place is almost at the same distance from college as CC, and is an abode to a Chinese restaurant, Chiang’s. The restaurant may lack in space, but there is no compromise with the taste. Among various items, the restaurant has the tastiest steamed momos, garlic hakka noodles and chilly potatoes.

#3 The Sutta Point
Prem BhaiHardly a five minute walk from college, the famous Prem Bhai Sutta Point is a source of relief to all the cigarette lovers. It is an open area where people can indulge in conversations over a cigarette and soft drink.

#4 Okhla
This area is an all time favourite spot for the non-veg lovers. Though the place is quiet loud and jam packed, that doesn’t stop people from savouring the delicacies of this place. From Biryani to Nihari, you name a non-veg dish, and they have it. Hammad’s chicken biryani offers a spicy taste to the dish, whereas VBistro4u has the best hyedrabadi biryani in the area. Though the place is full of restaurants in every corner, but some of them just completely stand out. HBO has some mouth-watering chicken tandoori momos which are served with mayonnaise, chutney and curd. Adjacent to it, is Chaska that has a well furnished space. The place offers hookah along with non-veg savouries. The FKC rolls are also famous in the area.

#5 Sarita Vihar/Jasola
BTWThis place is at some distance from Jamia, but is worth visiting. The place offers a serene environment. The favorite spot for many people is near the Manpasand Tea and coffee stall, which offers great coffee at affordable price. People can simply sit there for hours and talk over coffee in the fresh air.

These places are worth visiting if you are a food fanatic and enjoy being out with friends. After a long tiring day in college, a visit to any one of these spots can work as a stress buster.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Munazza-Ansar.jpg” ]I am Munazza Ansar, pursuing Bachelor’s in Social Work from Jamia Millia Islamia University. I have a keen interest in writing about the prevalent social issues and working for them.[/author]

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