3 AMU Professors participated in the International Conference in Singapore

Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh:
Professor Mohammad Afzal Khan, Dr Roohi Abida Ahmed and Dr. Hassan Imam from the Centre of Advanced Study, Department of History, Aligarh Muslim University participated in the First International Conference on Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCS-2013) at Singapore and presented their Research papers.

Dr. Hassan Imam at International Conference, Singapore.

Professor Afzal Khan in his paper, “Cultural Linkage between India and Iran: A Study of Mughal Art and Architecture”, tried to establish a cultural link between India and Iran by narrating the architectural features of the Mughal style that was taking shape and developing in India under the influence of Iranian nobles. His study shows that India and Iran were linked together by ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural bonds since time immemorial that can be found in its cultural values, traditions and ideas. He emphasised that Iran being one of the great centres of art, literature and science, has very prosperous traditions.

Dr Roohi Abida Ahmed, Associate Professor in History (WC) presented paper on “Encountering the Mongol: The Delhi Sultanate during 13th Century”. She tried to look Mongols problem from different perspectives. Her paper analysed the positive aspects of Mongol invasions under Chengis Khan in the context of cultural and intellectual developments in the Sultanate period. As a result of the destruction caused by Mongols, a large number of refugees belonging to distinguished families from Muslim centers migrated to India, along with their art and tradition that helped Delhi Sultanate in process of its cultural formation.

Dr. Hassan Imam talked on “From Mahatma to God: Understanding Gandhi in Cultural Perspectives of the Indian National Movement”. He drew largely from the sources that had been banned by the British. Dr. Imam focused on the subaltern concept of history writing and tried to examine Mahatma Gandhi’s picture from subaltern perspectives. He raised a number of issues relating to Mahatma Gandhi as to how he acquired a position of “God” in popular imagination. His paper was appreciated by Prof. Douglas Francis of Canada, Prof. King Sang Ricardo Mak and others present in the CCS Conference at Singapore.

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