22 years old Jamia student molested by a rickshaw driver, took to Twitter after Delhi police allegedly refused to help

Yet another case of molestation is reported from the captial city, Delhi. A 22 year old student of Jamia Millia Islamia University was abused and molested by an auto rickshaw driver near New Delhi on Thursday. Delhi police allegedly refused to help.

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“Around 6.30 pm, I asked an auto rickshaw driver if he would go to Paharganj. He wanted me to pay Rs. 200 when the actual fare is around Rs. 50. When I refused, he abused and grabbed my wrist saying ****** ab toh tu mere sath hi chlegi(now you have to come with me.) I had a bottle in my hand with which I thrased him. ” said the victim, reports India Today.

To this the victim added,” By that time, the passersby stopped and I took the driver to a police post. As there was no cop there, I was told the police will reach in five minutes but when no one came, I called again and a cop told me that let the driver apologise and go.”,reports India Today.

The student was made to wait for 45 minutes at the police post. The victim is a resident of Delhi since 5 years and this was the first time that such an incident happened with her.

She took it to Twitter the next day to narrate the incident. She posted, “Shame on you that I had to beat him up myself! I kept begging your people for help.” The student also asked government to take the required action.


Delhi police responded only after the post went viral. It tweeted, “Kindly share the Helpline no. on which you called with exact date and time for necessary action at our end.”

The Twitter note of the victim ended with a suggestion for Delhi Police. She mentioned that Delhi police can retire as they anyway don’t come to provide assistance or help.

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