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10 fashion tips to know for every student this summer

Fashion means being fun and quirky. But being fashionable in college is not the easiest job to be, don’t you agree? Then again it is so hot out there to slay your game.

Do you also think that comfort and fashion could not go along? Well, if you do not feel comfortable in what you are wearing, then it will be reflected too. It will look as if you are being awkward or shy all the time, thereby resulting in low confidence.

Who wants that, right? So be comfortable, especially in summers with your fashion game on point. Now you might be wondering how?

Therefore, do not worry, we have got you covered with our 10 tips to beat the heat keeping in mind your fashion needs.

1. Wearing Bright Colours

In this contemporaneous world, wearing bright colours is never out of fashion. That too in the summer, scorching heat. Wearing bright and light colours will help stay in fashion and as well as beat the summers.

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2. Choose comfort clothes over blingy outfits

Fashion not only suggests looking cool and being pretty, but the main aspect of fashion is being comfortable. Choosing comfortable clothes not only at home but even outdoors works. That can be an overall casual and seamless look. Whereas blingy outfits could be suffocating.

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3. Switching to Airy Fabrics this summer

Wearing light, flowy, and airy fabrics could be the best saviour for the summers for you. Cotton absorbs sweat and hence is preferable to wear in summers. You can also go for rayon or linen as well. There are a variety of designs and good materials available both offline and online for you to pull off in this humid weather. Shorts, skirts, Bermudas, baggy jeans and dresses that are now in trend can be one of the exceptional fits for summers that you can find in the right fabrics for you.

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4. Wearing Shades wherever you go

Carrying shades should be a mandate for you to wear. Just kidding, not a mandate, but a necessity for summers. Shades and summers go hand in hand. So use shades/sunglasses in summers to keep the harmful ultraviolet rays away from your eyes.

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5. Mixing Colours, Mixing Trends

You can always pair light with one solid-coloured piece. Remember that your colour palette should be nude. But you can keep experimenting with mixing nude shades with solid colours, they will give you a great contrast, and overall a good look for the summers.

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6. Baggy clothes or loose fitted clothes

If you think that those loose clothes of yours are of no use, then you might be wrong here. Baggy clothes or loose clothes are in trend now and are going to be there for a long time because of the ease and comfort they bring about. This kind of style is breathable and you can go creative with it. They will make the heat bearable for you to enjoy summer wholeheartedly.

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7. Printed Outfits Saving the Day

Well, printed outfits can never go out of style. In the summer, they can become your best friends. Floral prints, polka dots are easily the best and help you save the day. There are kurtas, shirts, and cute tops available in the same prints.

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8. Hats as one of the accessories

Hats should be part of your attire whenever stepping out. It could go well with your dresses, or even with shirts and trousers. So consider hats as one of the necessary accessories that you are wearing besides neckpieces.

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9. Give yourself the Liberty to be Creative

Trying out various other patterns, playing around with different colours, giving yourself the creative freedom should be your motto this summer. Try out the distinguished hairstyles like different kinds of braids – fishtail, French braid, etc. and other than braids, you can go for buns as well so experiment more with hairstyles – be it short or lengthy hair.

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10. Be Yourself

Last but not the least, always be open to change, because the game of fashion is ever evolving. Fashion trends keep on changing. Be updated with what’s latest but do not forget to be yourself because that is the most important detail of fashion and that is being you. Always know what interests and suits you, and be aware of what excites you.

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Just be bold and confident, and keep experimenting. Hope this helped you in a way to shine at your college too!

Written by: Tanvi

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7 things to check before taking up a PG

Taking up a PG or a hostel for the first time is both amazing and scary. Some people are in love with the idea of living independently, while some come to a PG because of college or work and it’s only later that they start loving it. Whatever the case may be, it’s always important to have a good, well-facilitated PG if you want your PG days to be a good experience.

So how do you actually go about finding a decent place for yourself to live in? You check online or ask some contacts, pick up a few options, visit the flats and check them for facilities and looks (or whatever your preference is), strike a deal, pay the rent and the humongous deposit amount, and shift in. Easy peasy!

Well, picking up the right PG is a very tricky task. You could visit once and think everything is fine, but once you shift, you start experiencing all the problems. You need to be very careful and pay attention to all the big and small details before moving into a PG. It’s about comfort, after all. It’s true that rented and shared accommodation could never feel like home, but now that you have to live in one, why not suit yourself in the best way you can?

Here’s a list of things to check before taking a PG. I noted these down when I was in one and was facing all the problems.

#1 Water
First thing, check the drinking water facilities- whether the PG has an RO or uses water from packaged bottles. If it uses direct tap water, it’s a no right away! Otherwise, check the RO machine if it functions properly or if the bottles have clean water.

Then, check the availability of water for other purposes. Check the medium of water supply- whether they have 24*7 access to water/submersible, or whether they depend on the municipality’s water supply that is available just 2 times a day for a limited time. Check that the water is not salty, smelly or unclean.

Trust me, water is one thing you can’t compromise with. I lost half my hair washing them with salty tap water.

You can’t live without electricity- you just can’t. I know people who start panicking (not sulking, actually getting anxious) when the power supply is cut off due to any reason- I am one of them! And the thing is that every time power goes off, I start worrying about all the horrible things that could happen, like my phone running out of battery or having no access to water because I couldn’t turn on the motor.

Before you move into a PG, get an idea on how often the power goes off in the area, how well the invertor works, and how many units of power the devices (especially AC or cooler) consume (as that would directly impact the bill). 

Check the wiring- make sure there are no loose ends or any chance to get hit by current or have short-circuits. 

#3 Food & Kitchen

  • Check the taste of the food. See whether it’s too spicy, oily or sugary. Make sure the curry is not watery and so on.
  • Check the menu. Make sure they provide nutritious food.
  • The raw items they use- whether the products are branded or loose, their quality
  • Check the containers and shelves where they store the groceries and veggies. Usually, there’s a lot of unclean places involved.
  • Check how hygienically they cook. In my old PG, they use to prepare the dough on the slab itself.
  • Check the dishwashing area to see if it’s kept clean
  • Check the facility and resources available for cooking, like stove, utensils, grinder, etc.
  • If you’re a non-vegetarian, ask whether they provide/allow non-vegetarian food in the PG.

#4 Nature/Environment/Neighbourhood/Locality
Well, when I first took a PG, I was lucky that it was in a beautiful society. I had a park right in front of the house, and that park became an essential part of my lifestyle. My room had a balcony. The neighbours were all decent, though it wasn’t easy to spot people every day. There was greenery in the society.

It was a gated society, so it was safer than the rest of the places. But there was one disadvantage involved- the gates of the society closed at 11 pm, so if I ever had to come late, I could only come in through the main gate, which was kilometres away. I had to walk outside the gate sometimes as cabs would arrive there instead of coming inside 

#5 Shops/facilities- banks, gym, ATM
Now, coming to the most basic requirements and their availability, it is very important to have shops nearby. I was unlucky I had to walk a long way for the basic grocery items, and take an auto for anything more than that. When you move in to a PG, make sure you have all the amenities nearby, at least the availability of daily necessities like milk, soap, etc.

#6Transport connectivity
Unless you have your own vehicle, not having transport connectivity at your doorstep would be an everyday torture. Look for a place that has availability of shared autos, e-rickshaws, etc. 

#7 Space, infra, facilities, furnishing, Wi-Fi, washing machine, etc.

Now coming to the basic features of the PG- the infrastructure and the facilities provided. These are the features which you can choose or compromise with according to your preference and budget- the look and space of the room, the furniture provided or available for use, appliances like washing machine, TV, geyser, fridge etc.

Make sure the PG provides good Wi-Fi because you would most certainly need it.

Make a list of things that you would like to be provided by the PG beforehand- mattress, pillow, bed sheet, table chair, etc- and when you visit the PG, check if you will be getting all those.

So, here’s your checklist. You’re now all set to go PG hunting!

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5 Fashion Tips Every Student Should Know

Fashion should always be fun, but when you’re in school and have limited time to shop, it can be hard to find clothes that reflect your personality while also staying comfortable and versatile enough to mix and match with other outfits. Fortunately, there are plenty of fashion tips every student can use to look great without investing too much time or money. Here are five fashion tips every student should know.

1) Make sure you have the basics

There’s a saying that says you can be beautifully dressed but poorly prepared. While that may sound contradictory, it actually illustrates an important point: always make sure your wardrobe is full of staples that are versatile and dependable. Your dresser should never be empty; instead, it should always be stocked with items you know how to mix and match with ease.

2) Look at your wardrobe with a fresh set of eyes

Start by getting rid of clothes you no longer wear. Over time, your style can evolve and change, so keep an eye out for things that don’t fit you anymore—in terms of both size and taste. It’s time to clear out everything you know won’t work for your new semester wardrobe.

3) Dress for your body shape

Don’t try to fit into something you don’t naturally look good in. Pay attention to your body shape and dress accordingly, be it skin-tight leather pants or a flowing A-line skirt. Find what works for you, and stick with it! If you’re unsure of your shape, take an honest look at yourself in a full-length mirror. What do you see? Are there any areas that need improvement? Now is not the time to be shy; embrace those curves (or lack thereof) and own them! If there are certain parts of your body that aren’t as developed as others, focus on building up those muscles through exercise rather than trying to hide them under baggy clothes.

4) Have an active social life

College is a fantastic place to expand your social circle, but it’s also incredibly easy to get caught up in your coursework and end up isolated on campus. To prevent yourself from being socially ostracized, make sure you spend time with friends at least once per week and attend any events that interest you. Making an effort to meet new people will help you stay well-rounded as a student.

5) Dress to impress yourself

There are lots of ways to save money in college, but that doesn’t mean you should scrimp on your wardrobe. Spend what you feel comfortable spending on clothes, as long as it fits into your budget and allows you to buy a few new things every month or so. Your appearance is important and will help you feel more confident in class—and make a good impression at interviews, too!