’13 Reasons Why’ SSC CGL is so famous among graduates!

What is SSC CGL?? Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Examination for recruitment to Group B and Group C posts in various ministries, government departments and offices across the country. It’s precision itself proves its relevance and shows why wouldn’t that be famous. So, here we are going to tell about few obvious propagandas about SSC CGL and the reason for it to be so popular.

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1st and pretty obvious reason is JOB SECURITY. So when we hear this word SSC CGL this is far-most the first things that comes to our mind. This is the reason for being popular among graduates especially the middle class working family. Because, in middle class families first thing that is considered and comes to mind is a secured future. Which is difficult to pertain in a Private Sector, even if you get hired at a good CTC.

2nd is the PENSION, as a profession if we choose doing job. Then, is a factor everybody is focusing more nowadays seeing the economy of our nation. Even the MNC’s have also started providing pensions but still only the MNC’s not all the private sector gives you this privilege. But all the government jobs do.

3rd and the best reason is EDUCATION QUALIFICATION ELIGIBILITY. As we have many government sectors as well, but specifically SSC CGL has been chosen the best out of them all, by graduates. The posts they offer are tremendously marvellous. All the graduates no matter what stream they followed, any graduate can apply for this. But if we go for the private job, nowadays mostly graduates are given the same jobs as of an undergraduate. These private sectors indulge graduate’s kind of into the labour work.

4th is the SCOPE, let us give you an example: a student studying CA have to study for years and they study for 16-18 hours in a day and still only handful of students are able to complete its level. On the other side if we talk about SSC then studying just for few months putting all the efforts and concentration can open the doors of your career in a miraculous way.

5th is the SYLLABUS, we can say it’s the easiest and the toughest thing to get through in SSC CGL. Due to its high demand, the competition rises up rapidly too high. Though there is nothing as such which an even an ungraduated can’t get. Mathematics till 10th, general awareness, English and reasoning these are the only sections need to be prepared and the easiest in its way also. Whereas in a Private Sector they ask deep technical questions which students fail to answer.

6th is OPPORTUNITIES, this is probable the second dominant reason of this attracting graduates towards SSC CGL  the most out of all the government sectors. Jobs and the posts are much levelled up than their qualifications are. You get the posts in Intelligence Bureau, CAG, Ministry of External Affairs etc. even after studying so hard for year’s people don’t get upto this stage.

7th is the SALARY, this is the rudimentary requirement of every individual work. The salary attracts the most, because at the end of the day when a person works so hard they look at on much do they earn after working for an ample amount of time. Earlier people used to go along with Private Sector because of higher package. But now along with the post SSC offers a great salary also comparatively to the graduates.

8th is the STABILITY, when you have cracked SSC and thus have the job satisfaction and the money satisfaction in Cantal Government you can look forward to your growth as well. And if you are working good then nobody has the right to sue you out of the organisation at least without imposing allegations on you for the personal grudges. When you have job security and satisfaction, money satisfaction and work satisfaction then is makes you feel in your life STABLE.

9th is SALARY HIKE, as we all must be aware of that the budget is out two times in a year. And the salary of a government employee is also increased along with that i.e. two times in a year. So the government of India gives you so much advantage if you are serving them. Government works for the welfare of its nation and when it comes to the economy of India, all the government servants are taken care of by the government of India itself.

10th and the most appreciable factor is the FELICITOUS PROMOTIONS, after all the factors discussed above, a person focusses on its individual growth also along with the organisation. Petition and expectation of a person demands promotion. So, on a regular and deservedly interval Central Government gives you promotions as well. Unlike Private Sector where the promotion depends on how well versed a person can play politics. But govt. is a fair play.

11th is EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, so once you enter into govt. sector through SSC transparency between employees is maintained for the opportunities. Despite of gender and caste. All of the employees are given equal opportunities on the basis of their work and performance. And not considering the people doing politics much and not performing well. Whereas in the Private Sector decisions made are not fair. There is discrimination amongst employees. One person is working day and night misses out on opportunities and if we look on the parallel side of it, another one is just making relationships with their superiors and grabs all the opportunities.

12th is their STATUS IN SOCIETY, well this is a well-known fact since ages. Person in a who qualifies SSC CGL eventually becomes an honoured person, they have a status because being associated with govt. itself is a clean character stamp. Because the govt. won’t give you employment in much cases if you have any criminal record or if were indulged in a criminal activity or against the laws by the govt. So, being associated with govt. organisation is a white collar person. People does judge other person with their profession.

13th is their CAREER PROGRESSION, SSC continues directing evaluation of grade-wise competitive exams for existing Central Government staff individuals. This gives them sufficient development prospects. If a candidate performs favourably well in these exams can set a man on the path of charged up progression. As more employment searchers enter the occupation advertise, it appears the prominence of SSC CGL examination, and the above mentioned factors are taking this examination on to the next level. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are a looking forward to SSC exam, its most precisely to be said early bird catches the worm!!

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