10 Typical Things Indian Parents Say

#1 ‘Kahin Tum Kisi Ladki/Ladke Ke Peeche To Nahi?
Every Indian parent will find this line whenever they find your grade points going down.Perhaps they think that ‘Marks Are Inversely Proportional To A Girl’s/Boy’s Attention’

#2 ‘Sari Musibat Ki Jad Ye Mobile Hai Tera’
Whenever anything goes wrong with you – whether you forgot your books somewhere or have lost appetite – anything at all – your parents come up with this very annoying line as if saying ‘mobile is the mother of all your problems’

#3 ‘Bike Chaalis Se Upar Nahi Jani Chahiye!’
Remember those days of 12th standard when most of us used mopeds or bikes for commuting to schools and coachings? Before you could even start your vehicle, your father would bless you with the instructions to not exceed the speed oof 40 km/hr.
As if vehicles on road will rip you if you reach 41 on open way.

#4 ‘Nau Baje Tak Ghar Par Hona Hai Tumhe Varna…..’
Remember our college fresher’s party; we all are so excited about it? We chose our best outfits, got ready enthusiastically only to be stopped with the above line even before stepping out of the door.And you were left wondering if ‘people turned into vampires after nine’.

#5 ‘Ye Kaisa Gane Dekh Raha Hai Tu…Channel Change Kar’
Our parents always keep a check on what we see but it gets tough when the intervention gets too much. Like when you are watching an item song. You are eighteen and still your mom comes up with this line.
As if we don’t know everything already.

#6 ‘Kahin Tum Peene To Nahi Lag Gaye?’
When we forget a very usual thing like some special date, then parents come with this very line. Perhaps they think that ‘drinking leads to LOSS OF DATE MEMORY’.

#7 ‘Tune Sweater Pehna Hai Ya Nahi? Barsaat Mein Thand Hoti Hai’
No matter what the qualification of your mom is but she is an MBBS for you. We all have heard the above line once we are in hostel or away from her.

#8 ‘Teri Saari Dost Ladkiyaa Kyun Hoti Hai?
The above statement is very much known to all the boys. Our Mom thinks that we are the cutest one ever known.
Reality is… ‘It is a myth’.

#9 ‘Phone Kyu Nahi Utha Raha Tha?’
A very common mistake that we all do is- FORGET OUR CELLPHONES. Which leads to the above statement. And mind it, it is not in a pleasant tone.

#10 ‘Kitna Dubla Ho Gaya Hai… Thoda Aur Kha Le’
Cute but sometimes an exhausting situation when we came from hostel and your mother finds you weak and forces you to eat… All hostellers must have heard it for sure.

It’s okay to give your funny bones some activity as you read this, but remember it’s very important to Love Your Parents. We Are So Busy Growing Up; We Often Forget They Are Also Growing Old.


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