10 Things women should never be guilty about

Let’s face it ladies! Living in this harsh world where chauvinism is more like a trend, it is difficult to make our choices without being affected by someone and to live with those choices is yet another task. But living life to your fullest is not a crime and therefore you shouldn’t feel guilty about it! There are times when we are in doubt about our choices, thinking how people will react to it and feel guilty for the same- Which We Should Not ! Because impressing others is not our job …

#1 Eating your heart out
adIts okay to eat your heart out once in a while just to satisfy your cravings or to celebrate your recent achievement without being guilty of gaining those extra calories. After all, good food is our comfort food.

#2 Sexual Preferences
Love is blind and so is society , which is unable to notice that a person’s sexual orientation is not in his/her control. Therefore being sorry for something you are naturally given is so not done!

#3 Living your dream
adLike every other man every women has a dream. That dream can range from becoming the best chef to becoming a pilot. One has to make choices while making out their way to fulfil their dream – these choices are valid as long as they don’t harm anyone else!

#4 Being Independent
adAn independent women with her own beliefs and opinions is much more attractive. Not being dependent on someone to make your way through this world is a thing to be proud about.

#5 Waiting long enough
adDestiny has its own way of bringing two people together. Taking your own time to know someone better or for waiting for your Mr. Right and settling down is a good move.

#6 Earning more than male counterparts
adHow on earth can we you feel bad for being more talented, intelligent and making more money than your male counterparts. Your traits are self-built and it is you who have worked hard enough to make enough money that can fulfil your needs. So, enjoy your reward.

#7 Appearance
adNot everyone is blessed with the perfect body type, skin colour, hair, eyes and voice. The sooner you accept the way you are, the better it is. Not wanting to change your God-gifted appearance and being comfortable in your own skin is the best thing you can do for yourself. People who truly love you will never give up on you no matter what; your appearance won’t change anything!

#8 Dressing for your self
adDressing up like a total diva or like a strict boss is an individual’s choice. Every women has a different taste- some like it glittery, some like it sober and simple. The way you dress up is a way of expressing yourself. Therefore, only you get to choose how you like to express yourself to the world!

#9 That once-in-a-while shopping spree
adIt’s the sale season and you are unable to control yourself for spending those hard-earned bucks on all the things that you thought that you would buy during the sale season. Saving up your pocket money or using your earnings to buy stuff that makes you happy is a “Make Yourself Happy” therapy. If this therapy is taken once in a while then it’s perfectly okay to indulge yourself and enjoy it.

#10 Career Choices
adTaking up a profession that goes along with your hobbies and hidden talent is a smart move and therefore you should never feel guilty about it because you are not just working but enjoying too. After all, everyone can and should become doctor or engineer.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/IMG-20150618-WA0073.jpg” ]Aditi is currently pursuing law from IPU. Reading books and writing is her ultimate getaway from the world.[/author]

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