10 Things That Every College Girl Must Carry


Summer break is over and we feel as fresh as a new leaf and are all set to resume college and rock this semester just like the previous one! College days are fun filled and hectic and to get through hectic days our carry bags become our survival kits. We bring to you those 10 important things that should be in every girls carry bag so to get through the day smoothly.

  1. College ID Card
    The most important thing , the thing with which we start our day at college – our ID cards . Always keep them in your bag you never know when you might need them to get a concession for a trip !
  1. Chargers
    Be it mobile chargers, portable chargers or power banks . They are must haves because our phones are the only source to connect to us therefore they are quite essential to get through a long day without a dead phone.
  1. Hand Sanitizer
    Always keep a hand sanitizer. Use it to get rid of the dirt on your hands since we may always not have water and soap around. Most common source for diseases is dirty hands therefore hand sanitizers come to our rescue.
  1. Pepper spray
    Surviving as a girl in this big bad world is not as easy as everyone thinks. It’s only we ladies, who know as to how difficult it is to get past through those horrible stares. Always keep a pepper spray just in case of emergency, you never know when you get the chance to use it!
  1. Pocket Knife
    Just in case you forgot to stock up on your pepper spray . Always keep a small pocket knife in handy sometimes a pepper spray won’t prove as useful as a small pocket knife after all prevention is better than cure.
  1. Water Bottles
    Always carry enough water that can get you through the day without making you fall sick. Stock on a bottle of lemon water. Water/lemon water will surely help you to beat the heat.
  1. Scarf
    Since the heat is at its best in the afternoon it is better to cover your head with a scarf . A scarf will not only protect your head from getting heated up but will also protect your hair from getting too much heat.
  1. Wet Tissues
    Wet tissues are best put to use when you are travelling around the city and have sweat drooling all over your face .As and when you get time pop out one wet tissue and wipe your face not only will it clean your face and wipe off the dirt but will also make you feel fresh.
  1. A good book
    Book lovers need not be reminded of this . Keeping a book in handy will save you from boredom and killing time while travelling long distances or while waiting for someone. Afterall a book a day keeps boredom away.
  1. Earphones
    This does not need a reminder, after all thanks to those earphones that we were able to survive long metro/bus rides and forget about time while we indulged in listening to some good music that cheers up our mood instantly .

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/IMG-20150618-WA0073.jpg” ]Aditi is currently pursuing law from IPU. Reading books and writing is her ultimate getaway from the world.[/author]

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