10 Mouth watering delicacies to enjoy this monsoon season with

#1 Warming Chai
Hot tea or Masala tea is the best thing one could ever drink in this cold and rainy season. No other drinks like cold drink drinks or lassi could take place of chai in Indian families.

#2 Pakodas
Pakodas or bhajias are the most desired food in every house. From paneer pakodas to bread pakodas or any other stuffed pakoda is the best combination with hot tea in this season.

#3 Soup
Tomato Soup
Relishing tomato soup or sweet corn or hot and sour soup are the best things to warm up this rainy season.

#4 Corn/bhutta
It is one of the most loved food this rainy season. A pinch of salt and lemon on it will complete your desires of food.

#5 Samosa
Samosa with different kinds of fillings in it is the favorite of every Indian and sometimes it is completely alright to indulge yourself in fried food in rainy season.

#6 Chhole bhature
Chhole BhatureThe hot crispy bhatura and spicy chhole are the most mouth watering and fulfilling food for this season.

#7 Malpuas
malpuaThe sweet rajasthani malpua is the best thing to complete your meal with. The hotness of this sweet with the taste of saffron and almonds is just perfect for the season.

#8 Jalebi
JalebiThe heart filling and everyone’s favorite jalebi cannot be denied by anyone if served with hot saffron milk.

#9 Parantha
ParathaGarmagaram stuffed paranthas served with curd and pickle is possibly the best lunch to have in this rainy season.

#10 Idli sambhar
Idli SambarThe most tasty and easy to make south Indian food- which is healthy too! Hence, it is the best thing to have this rainy season.

Mouth watering enough, eh? Well, I’m gonna go treat my tongue. You enjoy, too!

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